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Independent High Class Escort Maja Graf

Maja Graf
Independent High Class Escort 
Leipzig | Germany | International

About me

Sparkling blue eyes.

A mischievous smile on my lips.

A slim, yet toned body that nearly seems like an invitation to touch...


There are plenty of suitable terms to describe me - ask ten people who I am and you will probably get at least fifteen different answers. If I would have to choose just one, I would say that I'm a free spirit - in the best way possible. Self-confident and open-minded, I explore the world (and you) without any prejudice. I like to surround myself with people who aren't afraid to think outside the box and strive for more in life, who have more than just one story to tell and aren't done writing yet.


As a child, I loved to escape reality between the pages of a good book, often immersing myself for days on end. While I still cherish those moments, now the cinema feels more like a second home to me. If I'm not currently sitting in a lecture or breaking a sweat at the gym, chances are I'm nestled in a theater seat. Lights, camera, action: Maybe we can create our own little Hollywood? A short break from reality has never harmed anyone (and I‘d be thrilled to be yours).


There is certainly an abundance of cinematic locations to choose from: Bustling cities, snow-white beaches, crystal-clear lakes...I have a passion for traveling and revel in discovering new countries and cultures with all my senses, collecting unforgettable memories along the way. Additionally, thanks to my extroverted nature, I take every opportunity to meet new people and forge connections wherever possible - after all, they say you meet twice in life, don't they? 


With me by your side, you will have the perfect companion for your next adventure - no matter if it takes place on a tropical island or just in between the sheets...

Catch me if you can.

At a glance

Age: early 20s

Height: 168cm 

Eyes:  blue

Hair: dark blonde

Dress size: 34/XS

Cup size: 75C/70D (natural)

Shoe size: 38

Languages: German, English, Spanish

Cuisine: steak & seafood

Movie: too many - let's discuss this in person

Travel: Italy, Great Britain & East Asia 

Smoker: no - but I don't mind if you do

Tattoos/Piercings: none

a non-exhaustive list of
things I love

the smell of fresh bedclothes - autumn - listening to people talk about their passions - homecooked meals - stretching before going to sleep - the sound of rain - taking care of myself - scented candles - learning languages - old bookstores - trying new restaurants - fresh fruits - meeting new lovers - thoughtful gifts - inside jokes...

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