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2 hours - 600€

3 hours - 900€

4 hours - 1200€

Main Course

6 hours - 1500€

8 hours - 1800€

10 hours - 2000€


12 hours - 2200€*

15 hours - 2500€

18 hours - 2800€


Whole Menu

24 hours - 3000€

48+ hours - on request

The Fine Print

While I'm currently located in Leipzig, I'd be delighted to travel to your city for longer encounters. Reach out to me for further details. Keep an eye on my newsletter and social media for announcements regarding upcoming tours!


Sometimes we can quickly become distracted upon meeting - so please ensure the first order of business is to hand me an envelope with my consideration. If you want to get creative, you can also place it in a gift (visit my Wishlist for some inspiration). Alternatively, I accept full pre payment for dates if you wish to get straight to business.


The more intimate part of our time together will take place at your hotel. I don't offer incalls and don't visit private residencies.

Dates longer than 3 hours must include social time: dinner, a sightseeing trip, a visit at the museum...Let's see what the city has to offer!

All extended dates must include an appropriate amount of social time, including sufficient time to eat and a minimum of 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

If our date takes place outside of Leipzig and ends at a time that doesn't allow me to get home safely, I will need a separate hotel room. The expenses for this will be added to my travel fee.

Deposit & Cancellations

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