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An intimate tête-à-tête, a romantic evening at the theatre...

Or maybe even a full day of pleasure?


2 hours - 600€

3 hours - 900€

4 hours - 1200€


6 hours - 1500€

8 hours - 1800€

10 hours - 2000€


12 hours - 2200€

24 hours - 3000€

48+ hours - on request



I'm currently based in Leipzig - but for longer liaisons I will be happy to visit you in other cities. Please get in touch for details.

Game Rules

  • Please give me my donation at the beginning of our time together.
    You can either place it in an unsealed envelope or - even better - your favorite book
    or a small gift bag.

  • Dates longer than 3 hours must include some social time: a dinner,
    a sightseeing trip, a visit at the museum...The possibilities are endless!

  • The more intimate part of our time together will take place in your hotel room.
    I don't offer incalls and don't visit private residencies.

  • If our date requires me to travel to you with a suitcase, I will need a separate hotel room. The costs will be added to my travel fee. 

  • You would like to see more for more than just one day?
    Please tell me more about your expectations and planned schedule for our time together so I can tell you my exact donation.

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