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One of the many things I love about this industry is that I get the opportunity to meet the most amazing women - all over the world! And, as I believe in equality, I won't be gatekeeping. Feel free to take a look at their websites and let your imagination run free...

Why choose one if you could have them all?

Florence Wilde

Florence is your sunshine woman. Armed with sparkling blue eyes, a softly toned, slender body, bouncing blonde locks and delicate long legs, she will captivate you with her smart quips, sexy charm and beaming smile. London based, Florence loves to chase the sweetest of thrills in the city and beyond.

So, buckle up. Let's go on a Wilde ride.

High Class Escort Florence

Nara Montrose

Based in the vibrant city of Toronto and always passport-ready, Nara is your classic Eurasian beauty. Adorned with expressive doe-eyes, a rosy pout, an ever-flowing chestnut mane, and a shapely derrière. If her radiant smile doesn't leave an impact, her clever remarks and playful nature undoubtedly will.

Savour the sweetness, and sweetness might just steal a kiss from you.

High Class Escort Nara

Khloé Karl

London's unapologetically seductive Provocateur. Or how some would say: a classic tale of a good girl gone very bad with the power of unapologetic seduction - someone who, after far too long, will make you weak in the knees again..

High Class Escort Khloé Karl

Aurelia Gold

Aurelia is an international travel companion from Czech Republic. 
She is elegant and classy, an all natural brunette with very long hair, a cute face with a sweet smile and a trained slim body with curves in all the right places. S
he is a student who loves traveling and, as a hedonist, of course also new experiences. She is a cheerful sweetheart and you will love being in her presence!

High Class Escort Aurelia
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